Sarah Jessica’s moving out



Star told you first that Sarah Jessica Parker's husband, Matthew Broderick, was cheating on her with a younger woman. Now, we can exclusively report that the beloved Sex and the City superstar has begun house hunting in New York City — solo!


In the Jan. 19 issue of Star — on sale now! — we report that while Sarah thought she could make it work with her straying mate, she recently visited a midtown real estate broker to help her find her own place.


"The time has come when she realizes it just isn't worth it," a friend of the couple tells Star. "Sarah Jessica is determined to get her own place and bring down the curtain on her marriage."

”(続けていく)価値がないと彼女が気が付く時が来た。”とカップルの友達がスターマガジンに話した。 また、”サラ・ジェシカは自分の住む場所を見つけて結婚に終止符を打つ決心をした。”とも話した。

Adds another insider: "Sarah's not stupid. She knows exactly what's going on. For a while it was easier for her to stay than go through a harsh divorce. They're essentially living separate lives."

他の内部関係者が付け加えて、"サラはバカじゃないから。彼女もどうなってるのか知ってるよ。しばらくの間は、つらい離婚をするよりも一緒にいるほうが簡単だった。 基本的に2人は別々の生活を送ってるんだし。"

Now that the holidays are over, the actress is revisiting her exit strategy, which takes into careful consideration the couple's 6-year-old son, James Wilkie — just about the only thing holding the pair together.


"They spent the holidays with him, pretending to be happy," says another source. "SJP is a great actress when she has to be!"


Date With Anne Hathaway Sells For $12,000



Anne Hathaway was generous enough to auction herself off in the name of charity at the Cracked Christmas Fundraiser in LA last night. Anne, 26, happily told the crowd, "I would like to auction myself off for drinks somewhere fabulous and basically get you totally **** faced. Tell me what I'm worth."

昨晩ロスで行われた”Cracked Christmas”の募金キャンペーンで、自分をオークションにかけたアン・ハサウェイは、楽しそうに『どこか素敵なところで飲むのとあなたをべろんべろんに酔わせるのに自分をオークションにかけるわ。私の価値がどの位か教えて』と観客に話した。

Not spending nearly as much as that George Clooney fan who paid $350,000 for a kiss, a few devoted fans did end up forking over $12,000 for the chance to spend an evening hanging out with the actress. The money will go to benefit the Trevor Project, a crisis helpline for LGBT youth.


(LGBT=Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender)


Angelina Jolie is a Doll


Angelina Jolie has kept out of the spotlight since she gave birth to Vivienne and Knox, but a doll featuring her likeness is making headlines.


Inspired by the "enigmatic beauty" of the Chianti-drinking Brad Pitt's partner, Noel Cruz took an ordinary doll and transformed it to look like the superstar mother of six. For his efforts, he earned $3,350 by hawking it to a private bidder on eBay.

ワイン・キアンティを好むブラッド・ピットのパートナー、『謎めく美女』によって創作意欲をそそられたノエル・クルーズは、ただ普通の人形を手にとり、6人の子供を持ったスーパースターに変身させた。 彼の努力によって、その人形をEbayのプライベートビダーに売って、彼は3,350ドルを稼いだ。

The Filipino artist removed the factory paint and repainted the doll using acrylics, expertly applying perfect makeup, a manicure and pedicure. The doll was also fitted with a wig and given a red-carpet dress, which cost extra.

フィリピンのアーティストは、塗装をはがしてからアクリルを使ってプロ並みの完璧なメイク、マニキュア、ペディキュアをぬった。 また、その人形はカツラが付けられて、追加料金ありのレッドカーペット用のドレスが与えられた。

One thing missing? Angie's trademark tattoos. Cruz said he could have been painted them but at the additional cost of about $20 each. And seeing as she has so many, that would have set the mystery buyer back several hundred dollars more.

1つ足りてない? アンジーのトレードマークのタトゥー。 クルーズいわく、足すことは出来たけれど、1つにつき、追加料金20ドルがかかるとの事。 見ての通り、彼女は沢山のタトゥーがあるから、(タトゥーを足すと)ミステリーバイヤーに500・600ドル余分にかかってしまう。

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr: Motorcycle Romance


He certainly knows how to get the ladies’ attention, and this morning Orlando Bloom was all about focusing on his beautiful girlfriend Miranda Kerr.


The gorgeous twosome was spotted riding around New York City’s SoHo district earlier today (August 20) on a BMW motorcycle looking very close.


And it’s been a mighty motorcycle week for the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor and his supermodel gal, as they were also seen tooling around the Big Apple on Bloom’s bike yesterday (August 19) following a casual lunch at A Lucky Duck.

昨日のラッキーダックでのカジュアルなランチの前に、ブルームのバイクでニューヨーク近辺を乗り回していたように、パイレイツ オブ カリビアンの俳優とスーパーモデルの彼女にとって、今週は大いなるバイクの週。

The day before (August 18) Mr. Bloom and Miss Kerr made quite the scene at the Lure Fish Bar where they, according to onlookers, were getting “hot and heavy” with each other.

一昨日、目撃した人によると、ブルームとカーはLure Fish Barでちょっとしたシーンを繰り広げた。2人はとてもいちゃいちゃしていた、と。

Hilary Gets Mistaken For a Man


Hilary Swank may want to grow her hair back.


The actress, who recently lopped off her locks for a move role as Amelia Earhart, was mistanken for a man by the salesman in the woman's shoe department at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills on June 27.


While looking at heels, the salesman approched Hilary and asked, "Sir, can I help you find men's shoes?" When he heard Hilary's voice, the sales man was deeply aplogetic.

ヒールを見ていた時、セールスマンはヒラリーに近づいて、「あの、男性用の靴を探すの手伝いましょうか?」と聞かれた。 ヒラリーの声を聞いたとき、セールスマンはとても深く謝罪した。

Amazingy, the double Oscar winner told him she wa used to it and that he souldn't worry about it.



Jessica Simpson Turns Lingerie Designer!


Look out Victoria’s Secret, Jessica Simpson is adding lingerie designer to her lengthy resume.

要注意だよ、ビクトリアシークレット。 ジェシカ・シンプソンが、彼女の長い履歴書にランジェリーのデザイナー(の名を)を付け加えるから。

The singer already has successful handbag, shoe, sunglass and swimsuit lines, and now Jessica Simpson’s Intimates will be joining her namesake empire.

歌手はすでに、ハンドバック、靴、サングラス、スイムスーツラインを成功させていて、そして今回, ジェシカ・シンプソンの ”インティメイト(下着ライン)”が彼女自身の名がもたらす大会社(世界)に加わる予定。

The collection of bras, undies, sleepwear and daywear、 will hit major department stores and online shopping sites just in time for spring ‘09. Jessica tells Women’s Wear Daily, “I like different lingerie for different occasions. I think that’s the best thing about it. You can feel sexy or girly depending on your mood.”

ブラ、パジャマ、普段着のコレクションは、2009年の春が来る頃にちょうど大きなデパートやネットショッピングサイトで販売される。 ジェシカはWoman's Wear Dailyに"私は違う行事にあわせて違うランジェリーをつけるのがすきなの。 そういうのが最高だと思うの。 気分によってセクシーになれたり、乙女チックになれたり。" と語る。

She also promises to included a stylish assortment of shapewear so women no longer need to worry about panty lines.